Plus500 (Barcelona) – Dollar recovery from Asian session low at 89.80 has been capped at 90.45 high on early European session, and the pair’s following pullback has held above 90.20.

On the upside, resistance levels lie at 90.45/55 (session high/26 and 28 high), and above here 90.90 (Jan 29 high) and 91.00/15. On the downside, support levels lie at 89.75 session low, and below here, 89.55 (Jan 29 low) and 89.35 (Jan 26 low).

According to the Swiss e Trade Strategy Team, the pair has still some room on the upside, and it could reackh 90.70 on US session: “In an upmove, starting in Asian trading and continuing in early European hours, the dollar reached 90.50 against the yen, priced back a little right now to 90.25. We expect the uptrend to continue, up to levels around 90.70.